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ISO Certification in Mauritius

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Auditmindz is a Unit of Genveritas Technologies Private Limited, the most promising, prominent, and successive ISO Certification Consulting company in Mauritius, serving across major cities in Mauritius and having representatives in all metro cities around the world. We offer both Onsite and Online (Virtual) ISO Consulting in Port Louis, Beau-Bassin Rose-Hill, Vacoas-Phoenix, Curepipe, and in all parts of Mauritius. Our Team has expertise in various industries such as Manufacturing, Information Technology, Aerospace, Banking & Financing, Textile, Mining, Chemical, Oil & Petroleum, Food Industries, Construction, Telecommunication, Logistics & Transport, Medical, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Automobile, BPO, Import-Export, Fishing, Retail, Education & e-Learning, Power & Energy, and Engineering Service Sectors.  Auditmindz also works with Government and regulatory bodies for their ISO Certification requirements in Mauritius. 

Role of ISO Certification in Mauritius Economy

Mauritius Companies & ISO Certifications

Mauritius is the fastest-growing economy. Over a decade, Mauritius constantly seeing exponential growth in terms of Business Expansion, Business Registration, and opening new doors to upcoming Business aspirants. As the number of Businesses increases, so does the competition. In order to participate in international platforms and get recognized in the market, the companies adopt ISO Standards and implement ISO Management Systems. The growth of ISO Certified companies increasing year-to-year as Mauritius is shown the “Ease-of-Doing-Business” policies, explicitly it’s become mandatory practice to get ISO Certification in Mauritius. Based on International Industrial experts, regulations, and multiple authorities, ISO Certification directly impacts & enables sustainable businesses and helps them to grow exponentially over the period.

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Some Facts about ISO Certification in Mauritius

As per the ISO Survey conducted in 2021, There are around 2.1Million+ Active accredited ISO Certificates in the world. The mentioned number doesn’t include the Non-IAF Certificates which have no authentication. Refer to the following image, which shows the Top Ten Countries in the world who has the most ISO Certificates.

ISO Certified Companies| ISO Survey - Auditmindz

Which Standards are best for ISO Certification in Mauritius?

To get ISO Certification in Mauritius, The management team has to identify which ISO Standard is best for their organization. One can choose ISO Certification in Mauritius based on the nature of Business. There are hundreds of ISO Standards published by ISO. Each standard serves a different purpose depending on the Business nature, Customer requirements, regulatory guidelines, and so on.

Auditmindz offers multiple International Standards and ISO Certifications in Mauritius. The most common ISO Certifications are as follows.

Simplified Process of ISO Certification in Mauritius



Connect with Auditmindz Team, Get help with identifying ISO Standard, Choosing Certification & Accreditation Body, and Quotation. Negotiation, Gap Analysis & Scheduling.
Confirm the Project initiation with Initial Contract with Auditmindz.

Align & Execute

Team Auditmindz will provide Training and support for Documentation Preparation.  Planning & Introduction of responsibilities.  SOP, Checklists, Flowcharts, Record Creation & Updation. Implementation of ISO Requirements at Process Level.


Review & revitalize

Internal Audit Training, Conducting Actual Internal Audits, Reporting, Management Review Meetings, Non-Conformities Rectification, Corrective & Preventive Actions.
Continual Improvement Guidelines, New Targets & Setting Mile-stones. Periodic Evaluation.

Achieve & Uphold

Auditmindz support during External Audit (EA). External Audit is conducted by ISO Certification Body. Documentation review and Implemented System evaluation. Upon Successful External Audit, CB grants Certificate.
Maintain system & Processes for annual audits. Continue to Grow!

Your Investment: Cost of ISO Certification in Mauritius

When an organization decided to go with ISO Certification in Mauritius, the first thing that strikes is “How much does ISO Certification cost?”. To answer this question, One has to understand how ISO Certification Process works and the requirements to be fulfilled. You already know how ISO Certification in Mauritius works, now let’s evaluate the cost involved in ISO Certification.
The Overall Charges or ISO Certification Cost in Mauritius depends on multiple factors such as the ISO Standard, Complexity, Processes, Number of Employees, Number of operations of Locations, the Certification Body, accreditation authority, and again the number of man day required to implement the whole ISO System.

The cost for ISO certification in Mauritius including implementation and accreditation ranges from $700 to $5000. Again, Not all ISO Certificates are the same, the quotes for Certification vary. This is the general estimation. The accurate cost for ISO Certification can only be given after Gap Analysis.

How are the Charges incurred in ISO Certification Calculated?

The costs of ISO certification will be split across stages.

    1. Implementation Stage
    2. Certification Stage
        • Initial Review, Audit & Certification
        • Annual Surveillance Audits
        • Recertification Audits (End of 3rd Year)
Cost involved in getting ISO Certification | Auditmindz Assurance

Phase 1: Implementation Stage:
The Implementation Stage is where you prepare your Organization for Certification Audit. This process is purely based on your decision whether you’re implementing the system by yourself or outsourcing it to Auditmindz. If you have enough time and are willing to do the self-implementation, then you need to estimate the cost of resources, availability of in-house expertise, training your employees, documentation part, and so on. If you need assistance and are willing to hire external consultants for your ISO Implementation, Training, and Documentation support, you may expect to pay Man-Day Charges, Documentation charges, Training Charges, Travelling, and Accommodation Charges.

To get an accurate quotation for your ISO Certification requirements in Mauritius, Please contact Auditmindz, To submit ISO Inquiry Click Here.

Phase 2: Certification Stage:
Once the System is Implemented, the ISO Certification Application has to submit to the Certification Body (CB). The CB will provide you the quotation considering the size of the Business, total operations sites, and the level of risk involved in the Services or products you offer.
The CB will split the quotation into 3 stages,

  • Initial Review, Audit & Certification Cost, which includes application fees, ISO Certificate fees, and Man-Day Charges for Stage-1 & Stage-2 Audits.
  • Annual Surveillance Charges (2nd Year and 3rd Year). (Mandatory of all ISO Certifications, Charges will be around 30% on Initial Charges if there is no change in scope or operational sites)
  • Re-Certification charges once the 3 Year Cycle completes, though ISO Certification comes with 3 Year Validity subjected to successful annual Surveillance. Audits.

    To get an accurate quotation for your ISO Certification requirements in Mauritius, Please contact Auditmindz, To submit ISO Inquiry Click Here.

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Why Auditmindz for your ISO Certification in Mauritius?

Auditmindz is One of the Best ISO consulting Organizations in Mauritius, serving for over a decade. We have helped hundreds of companies to achieve their ISO Certification in Mauritius. From Gap Analysis to External Audit, We provide end-to-end ISO Certification services in Mauritius.

Auditmindz is always known for its excellency and proficiency in terms of timely project completion, follow-ups, and post-certification support. We always come up with multiple options for clients based on their budgets, requirements, and timelines. We take care of each business as strategically as possible, cause we believe “Our Customer’s Growth is Auditmindz Future”.

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Lifetime Support

One key player in the process of achieving ISO certification in Mauritius is the consultant. Auditmindz can provide valuable guidance and support to organizations as they work towards meeting the requirements of the standard.

The role of Auditmindz in ISO certification in Mauritius can vary depending on the needs of the organization. Some common tasks that Auditmindz may perform include:

  • Conducting a gap analysis to identify areas where the organization’s current processes do not meet ISO Standards requirements in Mauritius.
  • Developing a plan to address these gaps and implement necessary changes.
  • Providing training and support to employees to help them understand and comply with ISO guidelines in Mauritius.
  • Assisting with documentation and record keeping.
  • Conducting internal audits to ensure ongoing compliance with the standard.

Working with Auditmindz can be beneficial for organizations seeking ISO certifications in Mauritius. Auditmindz can provide expert knowledge and guidance, helping organizations navigate the process more smoothly.

In conclusion, achieving ISO certification can bring many benefits to Mauritius Companies, and working with Auditmindz can provide added valuable support in this ISO process. The role of Auditmindz ISO Consultants in Mauritius may vary depending on the needs of the organization but can include tasks such as conducting gap analyses, developing plans for improvement, and providing training.

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